Collab4Good is a community of learners and doers who work together to enable support, connections and collaborations for good.

Collaboration matters now more than ever.

Join us and stay connected to the future of South Australia’s social enterprise economy.


Collab4Good was founded in February 2018 to foster collaboration and accelerate the growth of purpose-driven opportunities in South Australia. We are industry and gender neutral but we operate using feminine principles and practices, and we have people and planet at the core of all that we do.

Collab4Good brings together three multi-award winning female founders and local thought leaders.

Each Co-Founder has led social businesses in their own individual pursuits across Australia, and recognise the profound power of collaboration in business. They have joined forces to unite under a single mission to lead and accelerate the growth and development of the purpose economy through collaboration.

 Amy Orange

Amy Orange

 Moira Were AM

Moira Were AM

  Sarah Gun

Sarah Gun

what we offer

Collab4Good enables learning and connection. Through workshops and networking events we bring together people from all kinds of businesses for self-development, professional development and collaborative opportunities which align with a ‘for-good’ philosophy.
Hidden in the back streets between the river and the road is a secret den of energy that is waiting to explode, where we host events with our venue partner, Healthy Living Precinct, at 16 Hindmarsh Avenue, Welland. There you will also find a cafe and free co-working space open to the public.

 ​We look forward to collaborating for good with you.

Next Lunch & Learn: Adventurous Women, Friday 23rd October 2020, 12pm – 1pm (ACST).

 Register here.


our INitiatives
Say Hello!

At Collab4Good we take action to fill gaps that we notice in the ecosystem.

We collaborate with our network to turn what we notice into initiatives. 

You are welcome to join us in our initiatives for good.

Heal & Hustle Council

The Heal and Hustle Council is an emergent method of identifying concerns in common through a collaborative process and then taking one action a quarter collectively to make a difference.

Collab4Good Resilience Fund

The Collab4Good Resilience Fund offers the gift of no-string temporary financial relief for SA female founders during times of hardship. Get involved by being a contributor or by applying now to receive a financial gift.

SA Social Enterprise Strategy Coalition

Collab4Good has joined forces with three key ecosystem partners to develop a South Australian Social Enterprise Strategy to boost the social enterprise sector in SA.

Let’s get collab-ing!

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    From Our Community

    Collab4Good welcomes anyone who is ready to collaborate for good.

    Thank you so much to the Collab team for bringing us all together in a warm and friendly environment. Absolutely loved the Lunch and Learn. What a great energy in the room. These conversations will be sure to create so many ripples and positive changes.”


    Lunch & Learn, 2019

    C4G is valued as a virtual network creating opportunities for people to learn, connect, support and collaborate.

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